Useful Links


Handy links to places you can find teaching material
I DO NOT endorse all the material on these sites!
I have found useful material on all of them.

                I enjoy eating chicken
 you should eat the meat and leave the bones. This is an amazing website that could replace many basic to mid-level Bible programs  Greek NT with user Helps  Christian Classics Etherial Library.   Many useful pictures that you can use if you just give credit to the source   Older Christian Classics  Ministry articles from the A/G  Free Pictures of Israel etc. you can use in Class You must now look down the list and select the Matson Photographs. These are free use Photos taken in Israel  in the first half of the twentieth century. They can be VERY useful in showing customs and technology.   Free Pictures from old Sunday School Material. What you want can be hard to find but there are NO copyright restrictions. General purpose Bible reference site.