What we are doing now

At the end of 2013 we moved from South Dakota to North Carolina to teach at Native American Bible College. We are teaching many of the same Bible, Theology, and Practical Ministry classes we did in South Dakota. However, now the classes are on a college level rather than in an expanded Berean format. This allows much more time for the teacher to explain and the student to understand. Because we are not making long commutes daily, Gay has been able to teach much more than she did in South Dakota. We continue to teach many night classes which engage people who are already in pastoral ministry. The feedback from these men about how they are able to use what they are learning humbles us regularly.

Gay and Class.png

Our Students

Teaching at Native American Bible College allows us to influence the current and future leadership in a great move of God among Native Peoples. Most of our students live with their families in the area around the college and commute daily. They are vital participants in their home churches. As a result we are seeing classroom material translated into preaching and teaching before our eyes in local Native churches.



John has oversight of the chapel services and these are a delight. Chapel allows students to lead real services and preach real messages. The worship and prayer times have often seen God manifest His presence with both physical and inner healings. We have recently expanded the length of Chapel because of this so that there is no hurry away from the presence of God. 

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We continue to teach seminars that often run a full week in local churches. Not everyone will come to a college class, but everyone needs training for whatever service the Lord has called them to do. Engaging with the people in these seminars helps both us and the people. We directly observe the culture in the churches and the people receive in depth teaching on everything from Last Things to the Sermon on the Mount.