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Gay has felt God's call for ministry to Native Americans since she was 8 years old watching a missionary show slides of Otavalin Indians. John received a burden for this work in 1996 after pastoring 10 years in Memphis, Missouri. At that time God told him to teach and then showed him the need among Native Americans.

Our ministry to Native Americans began in 1998 at Black Hills Indian Bible College in Rapid City, South Dakota. Later the college changed its approach from residential to extension and its name to Institute for Ministry Development. Using the extension model we were mobile classrooms. We drove  1 ½ to 3 hours one way to different reservations daily and taught classes where our students lived. We also used Skype to do fully interactive classes over the Internet. Most of this work happened in South Dakota but we also worked in Montana, Wyoming, North Dakota, and Minnesota.

At the beginning of 2014 we relocated to North Carolina to teach at Native American Bible College. We continue to teach a variety of classes all aimed at ministry training. Most of the local Native Americans live 20 miles or less from the campus and choose to live at home and drive in for class. There are also some resident students living in the campus dormitories. This has removed the need for very long daily commutes and put us again in traditional classrooms. Besides classes at the college we also teach non-credit classes and seminars in local churches to reach as many as possible. Our goal is very straightforward: to train Native Americans to reach other Native Americans.

Will you partner with us?

You can help us with the preparing of Native Americans for ministry in two ways: First and foremost, you can pray that God will call Native Americans into ministry and that we will be effective in helping them prepare. Second, you can help us with financial support. We could not be here without the financial help of many and we cannot be effective without prayer. We are required to have enough monthly pledge support to meet our assigned budget and we are short of that amount at this time. You can help us financially with either a monthly personal or church pledge by using the following secure site: 

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