John and Gay Davis

NABC School Spirit Day 17Our Ministry Photo Gallery! 

 Gay with Missionettes                                                                  

 Gay with her Missionettes Group

Student preaching in Chapel

John Praying with his first Lumbee Convert 

Students leading Chapel
           Theology II                                                                  Synoptic Gospels at Oglala on Pine Ridge

Theology II NABC


Synoptic Gospels Class at Oglala on Pine Ridge


                                         Old Testament Survey Class

John and Gay Arrive at NABC


Old Testament Survey Class on Rosebud


                                     Class at Bethel               Seminar in McLaughin on Standing Rock
 Prison Epistles Class in Rapid City Seminar in McLaughin on Standing Rock
                                                Lakota Student Preaching                        BHIBC Graduates
Lakota Student Preaching and then Praying with another Lakota Woman who RespondedGraduates of Black Hills Indian Bible College 2001. Three of Four are registered Native Americans. All have credentialed with the A/G.
                                          Seminar in Minneapolis                    South Dakota Credentialing in 2007
John teaching at Seminar in Minneapolis for a regional Native American GatheringSouth Dakota Credentialing in 2007. Nine of the twelve were our students!
                                          Gay Preaching on Rosebud                 John preaching at Cornerstone Mission
Gay Preaching on Rosebud John preaching at Cornerstone Mission
                                          John teaching at Harvest A/G                 Gay Speaking to Ladies on Pine Ridge
John teaching class at Harvest A/G near Pembroke, NC Gay Speaking to Ladies on Pine Ridge
                                                           Basic Theology                           South Dakota Credentials 2009
Basic Theology
 South Dakota Credentials 3 2009
                                                          Pentecosta Doctrine Class at Mission                           Native Student Preaching at Cornerstone
 Pentecostal Doctrine Class in Mission Native Student Preaching at Cornerstone

US Missions Resources

  • Church “Adopts” Military Chaplain

    Assemblies of God military chaplains go through extensive schooling and training to prepare for their duties. They are men and women of strong faith and great courage.

  • Cornell University Clears Chi Alpha

    The Chi Alpha group ministering to students at Cornell University, Ithaca, New York, recently had its funding temporarily suspended by Cornell's Student Assembly Finance Commission (SAFC) while it investigated the forced resignation of one of the Chi Alpha student leaders.

  • Couple Wrap Up 39 Years of Prison Ministry

    A lot has changed in the 39 years since Lloyd and Nita Colbaugh began volunteering at the United States Medical Center, a federal prison hospital in Springfield, Missouri.

  • Surprise Home Makeover Results in Tears and Cheers

    Several years ago, Ed and Leah Bass purchased a home in Alvarado, Texas. It was a fixer-upper, but the couple was determined to turn the desperately needy house into their dream home. Step by step, they started to repair and rebuild the house. Last July, the couple went to pick out new paint colors and items for the house, dreaming of what was to be.

  • New Chi Alpha Scholarship Awarded by Regent

    Regent University School of Law recently announced that Leanne Watrous, a member of the University of Virginia Chi Alpha ministry, has been awarded the first Regent Law Chi Alpha Scholarship.